M&A Firm Business Practices

We are a “Full Service” M&A Firm with a “Single Minded” Approach

When dealing with the well-being of your company, the trust you place in the people you work with cannot be compromised. Summit Advisory’s track record with the many companies who have partnered with us, is proof of the confidence they’ve placed with us, as their M&A Firm.

Our Principles Guide Our Business Practices

  1. Our Work Reflects Our Life Belief System

    We expect our work to make a difference in the quality of leadership in our business, and in the world that we impact. To that end, we try to discover what is most important and focus all of our resources for the greatest, most enduring benefit. We consider it our responsibility and privilege to be attentive to the unique needs of both family and non-family business leaders and owners.

  2. Our Mission and Our Clients Deserve Our Best

    We expect our service to our clients to be worthy, vigorous, resourceful and courteous. As M&A firm handshakewe pursue our corporate mission, we intend to be a healthy and creative organization with the inner resources needed to produce our best work. We require ourselves to exhibit the highest professional standards as we look beyond the letter of professional guidelines. This includes guarding the confidentiality of personal and organizational information while representing our capabilities to prospective clients. We will continue to strive for excellence while being forthright and candid in our representation of every client.

  3. Our Life is Significant and Should Leave a Lasting Legacy

    As professionals, we seek to express the highest ideals and standards of service in the marketplace. We believe that God has given us special resources to be used in many ways to accomplish His plans and purpose for our lives. Although we seek to develop a culture of success, we want our life work to make a difference and to be significant in the lives of our business relationships. To this end, we live, love, work and serve so as to make a maximum impact on future generations.