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Acquisition Planning/Research

Acquisitions are a prevalent business strategy for companies looking for growth opportunities.  This approach can be more successful and proceed faster than the traditional growth vehicle of increased marketing and sales.

Business owners consider this approach for a number of reasons:

  • Acquire resources not currently held such as new product lines, intellectual property, technologies or talent
  • Fill gaps in service offerings
  • Reduce competitor’s stronghold while increasing market share
  • Open new territories
  • Access new markets
  • Expand customer base and gain customer lists
  • Develop new sales opportunities


At Summit Advisory, we understand the value of carefully researched acquisition planning.  Fortune 500 companies have entire departments dedicated to acquisition planning and research.   We offer these consulting services to business owners who expect results but don’t need a full-time acquisitions staff.

In preparing you for a transaction, we get to know your strengths and vision.   We combine that knowledge with solid research of the landscape and investigate the options before mapping out an acquisition strategy specifically designed for your business and industry.

Many clients have benefited from our timely, cost effective and comprehensive plans.  We help you pinpoint prospective targets while avoiding the pitfalls of integration issues, unrelated diversification and poorly matched partnerships.