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A Word About Confidentiality

We take confidentiality very seriously, and we think about this topic a little differently than most firms.

When we begin a discussion with a new client, the first thing we do is sign a confidentiality agreement between Summit Advisory and our client.

Our company culture is wired to protect our clients.

We don’t discuss our clients with anyone who doesn’t have a specific need to know, not even our family members.  Our offices all have doors so phone conversations are private, and our data storage systems are encrypted and fire-walled to the strictest standards.

When appropriate, we adopt code names for our clients, and we often meet with clients in off hours to avoid any chance of starting a rumor.  In addition, as we conduct a transaction process, we do not reveal information about our client until it is necessary to do so.  Some firms will circulate an offering memorandum with comprehensive detail to anyone that will sign a confidentiality agreement.  This can lead to leaks and damaging rumors.  Our view is that information should only be shared with those who have a genuine need to know, when they need to know it.