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Compensation Structure

Transaction Engagements

Most engagements consist of a flat engagement fee and a variable success fee based on the size of the transaction.  We do things differently from other investment banking firms though.  Our fees are clear and worked out in advance.  We don’t charge for expenses or other incidental costs – you know what to expect from the very beginning, and the majority of our fee is not earned until a transaction has successfully been completed.

We will succeed when you succeed.

Consulting Engagements

These fees and fee structures vary, but a few guiding principles govern all of our billing:

  1. Our fees are transparent and fully disclosed at the beginning of any engagement.
  2. We work hard to ensure that the value we deliver far exceeds our fees.
  3. We remain consistently focused on achieving a successful outcome for our client.
  4. We work hard to ensure that our clients are delighted with the services we provide.

Helping business owners prepare for and execute critical transactions is all we do.