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Investment Banking Standards of Doing Business

  • Help people in need and the environment through profits and resources
  • To fully utilize our knowledge and skills with a sense of fulfillment
  • To meet the basic needs of the family
  • To have a positive impact on those around us
  • Fairly balance the interest of our customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and community
  • Encourage strong families, community participation and spirituality
  • Have integrity in all interactions
  • Be an enjoyable place to work
  • Freedom to participate, question, dream, strive, fail and take action
  • All employees are equal members of the team with no one provided special privileges
  • A positive culture is more important than individual success or business results
  • Minimize negative impact to the environment
  • Consider the interests of all parties impacted by our decisions and actions
  • To provide value added services and products to our customers
  • Provide a service or product that can show tangible differentiation from the competition
  • Employ people that enjoy working, are self-motivated, take initiative, and are a team player
  • Maintain a positive culture and respect the dignity of each employee
  • Assure employees have the knowledge and resources to succeed and grow
  • To have all employees engaged in the business functioning at their highest and best use
  • Allow for a balanced lifestyle between family, work, health and spirituality
  • Grow overall profitability and charitable giving
  • Less than 5 percent employee turnover