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Lafferty Lumber Under New Ownership, Poised for Growth

Summit Advisory played a crucial role in both aligning the diverse goals of the sellers, and by finding solutions that catered to their individual desires for the future. Lafferty has been a key distributor of high-quality hardwood lumber, catering primarily to the Mid-Atlantic area for over a century.

FOMO on Reshoring? 5 Reasons Behind the Recent Reshoring Spike in the U.S. 

For decades, companies have looked abroad, mainly to Asia, to lower labor and operational expenses.  The additional costs for shipping, tariffs, and logistics were thought by many, to be outweighed by the operational flexibility and operational cost reductions that outsourcing provided.  That trend, however, has slowed to a snail’s pace post-pandemic, and for many, holds

From Co-Pack to No-Pack

Little upfront cost.  Contracted production.  Branded label applied. Launch. Market. Repeat. For many Brands, this formula is what has made them who they are today.  But with the consolidation of Co-Packers, Brands are forced to consider changing what they once called business as usual.  Co-Packers now have leverage with their own seat at the table.  The