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Business Acquisition

As a buyer, you know some of the benefits of buying an existing company such as an established customer base, less risk than starting a new company, established employees and more accessible financing.   We know that finding the appropriate business to buy takes more than inputting criteria on a business listing website.

Buying a middle market business is an intricate process.  No single approach will work for every acquisition.  As a buyer, you need to conduct nearly bullet proof due diligence on each and every potential transaction.  Knowing the key steps of the due diligence process is paramount.  The experts at Summit Advisory systematically utilize these steps in the buying process.  Our seasoned team of talented professionals effectively evaluates the strategic rationale of a potential acquisition.  Equipped to handle the details from beginning to end.

Finding a business is only the first step in a successful acquisition process. When representing the buy-side of a transaction, Summit’s merger and acquisition intermediaries provide the buyer with a disciplined approach which includes valuing/pricing, structuring, due diligence, negotiating, closing, and business culture integration. Our knowledge and experience have refined the techniques necessary and have resulted in many successful assignments.

We work with strategic buyers, private corporations, private equity groups, and individuals seeking to acquire a business.  We connect you with the right business across different industries, or help you find the right business to acquire that satisfies your criteria.  Regardless of which side of the deal we are on, our measure of a successful transaction is one that leaves the buyer and seller happy.

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Are you a strategic buyer, private equity / investment group, or an individual seeking to acquire a business?

Summit has developed a proprietary acquisition questionnaire to help guide your thinking and acquisition strategy.  Your answers help us to find the best match to meet your goals.   Click here to complete the questionnaire and a Senior Business Intermediary will contact you.