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Business Transfer

Planning for a successful business transfer should start long before the actual event.  Business succession or continuation planning is an essential part of ensuring future continued growth as well as financial security.  When properly executed, transfer of control and ownership is a rewarding experience for all parties involved.  The Summit Advisory team is experienced at navigating business transfers with a minimum of disruption to day-to-day operations.  Whether transferring ownership between family members, co-owners, or selling to employees, Summit Advisory is the trusted firm to guide the PROCESS.

Professional Coordination

As an experienced investment banking firm, we know that there has to be a cohesive effort among all professionals involved in the business transfer.  We work with attorneys, accountants, consultants and other business specialists with the common vision of ensuring a successful transaction.  We understand the importance of coordination of efforts as well as regular communication. 

Business Transfer to Family Members

Business transfers among relatives can add an extra level of stress due to family dynamics.   Personal relationships have to be considered.  Summit Advisory realizes that each situation is unique and strives to avoid conflict within family businesses.  We are experienced with multi-generation companies whose members may not always be in agreement.  We can deal with resistance, conflicting goals and dreams and bureaucracy while keeping relationships intact.  We understand how different personalities relate to each other and work hard to get everyone on the same page and achieve personal, family and business goals.

Business Transfer to Non-Family

If keeping the business in the family is not in the best interest of those involved or the future of the company, we have the expertise to implement a smooth transfer to partners or current management.  Whether the current owner is transitioning out over time or desires an immediate exit, Summit Advisory has crafted plans for decades that achieve optimal results.