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When the time comes to recapitalize, it is imperative to be well-positioned. You want your company to be attractive to potential financial partners in order to secure the best terms through the negotiation process.

Our experienced advisors can help you identify the key characteristics that investors are seeking.  They can also help you build a road map to make the improvements that will give you the best advantage when you go out to the market to seek a capital infusion.

The most important factor in achieving a great result when you recapitalize is to have multiple favorable alternatives when it comes time to negotiate and finalize your deal.  Our Strategic Transaction Process and the expertise of our team can help ensure that those options are available to you.  However, if you are ill-prepared for the process and not well-positioned to attract financial partners, you will have fewer options and a weaker negotiating position.  Our team can help make sure that you are in top condition, well prepared, and in a position of strength.