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Recapitalization for Growth

Many of our clients are seeking an infusion of capital but aren’t yet ready to sell their companies.  These owners still have the vision and drive to grow their businesses and want to maintain involvement.  A recapitalization is a viable option that allows the owner to shift the risk to an outside financial partner, such as a private equity group, while accessing capital that was previously illiquid all while maintaining significant ownership.  By gaining access to growth capital and expertise these owners can continue to move their business forward.  These transactions enable leadership to continue in a management role and benefit from future growth of the business.

Other Recapitalization Benefits and Uses

  • Recapitalizations help business owners to become more diversified. If too much of an owner’s portfolio is tied to the business, the owner is exposed to the risks of concentrated wealth.
  • Recapitalizations can release business owners from carrying personal guarantees on the company’s debts.
  • Recapitalizations can be used as part of an exit strategy.
  • Recapitalizations give owners more flexibility.
  • Recapitalizations can provide liquidity for a shareholder


Let us walk you through the process of selling part of your business while you still maintain a portion of the equity.  Our team is incredibly experienced at structuring transactions to meet the needs of the seller.  We offer solid business valuation services which are imperative to a successful recapitalization.  We can help you identify and secure a suitable capital partner.